About Hoppebräu

HOPPEBRÄU enriches traditional handwork with creative thinking and brewing. By utilizing this innovative thought process extraordinary beers are created.

HOPPEBRÄU would like to show consumers what lies behind the production of this complex beverage. The transparent communication of our enthusiasm with our customers and friends is, and has been, paramount in accomplishing this.

Despite the rapid change in the Beverage Industry, the original concept behind food production and beer consumption should be maintained. For tradition is not only the preserving of an ember, but also the passing on of the flame - and Hoppebräu burns through a passion for Beer. The most important element in this old tradition is and remains the collective appreciation and enjoyment in social gatherings.


Lager | alc. 4,5% vol. | IBU 39 / P11
Pilsner malt, Caraaroma malt
elder-flower, malt, bread, grains
German Cascade
savory food, snacks, barbecue

Wuide Hehna

Pale Ale | alc. 4,1% vol. | IBU 35 / P10
Pilsner malt, Carapale malt
dry, refreshing, citrus
Magnum, Citra, Amarillo
light food, spicy food, fish dish, barbecue


India Pale Ale | alc. 6,5% vol. | IBU 48 / P16
Pilsner malt, Carapale malt, Caraaroma malt
fresh fruit, citrus, bitter
Magnum, German Cascade, Citra, Amarillo, Mandarina Bavaria
spicy asian food, venison, barbecue


Amber Ale | alc. 5,6% vol. | IBU 45 / P13
Pilsner malt, Munich malt, Caraaroma malt
pine, red berries, malt
aged cheese or meat, pie, roast, venison

Fuchs Teufelswuid

Double Ipa | alc. 8,2% vol. | IBU 72 / P18
Pilsner malt, Caraaroma malt, Melanoidin malt
tropical fruit, aromatic, resin, bitter
Taurus, Galaxy, Calypso
spicy food, barbecue, meat

Barrel aged beers

Through the use of specially roasted malts and a six-month aging process in a Pedro Ximénez Sherry barrel, this mighty, pitch black beer will send your senses reeling with the intensity of its flavours. Aromas of chocolate and vanilla alternate with red fruits and grapes. Combined with a velvety bed of malt and a fine, characteristic bitterness, these flavours create a truly wild beer experience.
It is not only the combination of dark and light roasted malts and the generous hopping with Mosaic hops that give this imperial stout its intensive flavor. It is also the months of aging in Slyrs Whisky barrels of toasted US Oak that play a deciding role in creating this symphony of flavours. In this apparently slender beer you will discover not only the malty aromas of chocolate, liquorice and coffee, but also woody tones, a breath of vanilla and hints of sherry. All these aromas accumulate in a balanced but highly complex bouquet of flavours, making this a truly wild wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Hoppebräu – come and get it!

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