About Hoppebräu

HOPPEBRÄU enriches traditional handwork with creative thinking and brewing. By utilizing this innovative thought process extraordinary beers are created.

HOPPEBRÄU would like to show consumers what lies behind the production of this complex beverage. The transparent communication of our enthusiasm with our customers and friends is, and has been, paramount in accomplishing this.

Despite the rapid change in the Beverage Industry, the original concept behind food production and beer consumption should be maintained. For tradition is not only the preserving of an ember, but also the passing on of the flame - and Hoppebräu burns through a passion for Beer. The most important element in this old tradition is and remains the collective appreciation and enjoyment in social gatherings.

Unique in taste and of the highest quality! Such are our beers. Through the harmonized and thoughtful application of selected ingredients, each new creation becomes an exciting new interpretation. The best Malts and Hops, primarily from the region, lend an unmistakable and intense flavor to all our Beers.

Finest aroma Hops are also used after the primary fermentation, meaning our Beers are dry-hopped or rather “Hop-stuffed” as we say in German. Derived from the oils in the hops, our beers acquire their fresh, fruity notes. All of our Beers are brewed according to the Reinheitsgebot, the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516, with creativity and ardor.

Hoppebräu – come and get it!

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